About PowerHerbs Solutions Inc.

About Us

PowerHerbs Solutions Inc. headquartered in Quezon City, NCR, is a leading health and
well-being company focused on making it
easy  for  people to achieve their  finest
physical conditions through its wide array
of health supplements, healthy beverages
and personal care products. The primary
aim is to create products that will first and foremost aid people in maintaining good
health and teaching them keep up a healthy lifestyle. We will encourage our distributors
to share their knowledge to be of assistance
always especially those in need. In the process, we are creating a new breed of Filipino entrepreneurs who has a heart and passion to help others



  • To provide premium,quality yet affordable products.
  • To yield more outstanding and successful independent distributors.



The ONLY Filipino owned multilevel marketing company who is number ONE (nationally and internationally) in promoting premium yet affordable dietary supplements, healthy beverages and personal care products
bringing forth more outstanding and
successful independent distributors.


Marketing Plan

1. Direct Selling

             > Product 20% Markup

2. Personal Rebates/Uni Income

             > Earn 10% from your personal
                Purchased PowerHSI Products
             > Unilevel Bonus

3. GSM Bonus

             > Matching Bonus
             > Sponsorship Bonus
             > Direct Referral
             > Royalty Income

To Activate your Account.
for GSM 1000:
Sponsor(slash)Placement(slash)Group A or B
 GSMREG ABCDEFGH12/09181234567/Juan DelaCruz/Jdelacruz/Powerherbs01/Powerherbs01/A
send to gateway
for Platinum Class 4880:
  REGActivation Code/Mobile#/Name/
Username/Sponsor/Placement/Group A or B
   REG ABCDEFGHIJ13/09181234567/Juan A. Dela Cruz/jdelacruz/powerherbs01/powerherbs01/A
send to gateway
To Encash your Commission.
for Unilevel:
     ENCASH UNI 1000 Dep thru Gcash
send to gateway
for GSM:
     ENCASH GSM 1000 Dep thru Gcash
send to gateway
To Claim your Points.
for Points:
     Claim 1000/Head Office
send to gateway

Smart - 63 9481969744
Globe - 63 9152928735

Core Values

Customer Centric

Our customers are our number one priority. Everything begins and ends with our customers.


We are accountable to each other, our customers, our partners and stakeholders.


We conduct ourselves professionally at all times and in all circumstances.


We are honest and forthright with customers, vendors and partners.


We take pride in everything we do and make.


We foster an environment that allows for both personal and professional growth and advancement.

Guiding Principles of PowerHerbs Solutions Inc.

1. Honor God through faith, family and

2 .Respect and strengthen members of PHSI – its staff, PTDs,
BCOs, TCs and individual distributors.

3. Believe in the dignity and the importance of the

4.Create a standard of excellence recognized as superior by the
multilevel marketing industry.

5. Believe that honor, integrity and principles are the
foundation of a great life and company.

6. Commit to mutual loyalty and trust between PHSI,its PTDs,
BCOs, TCs and its Distributors.

7. Establish and continually improve the vehicle of opportunity
and the pursuit of financial freedom for all PHSI Distributors.

8. Commit to ongoing personal growth and development through
professional training and educational programs.

9. Build self-esteem by promoting a sense of personal worth
among all people.

10. Continually expand PHSI market by providing the most
effective and highest quality products and service available.